An IMSS worker is seriously ill after receiving Pfizer vaccine

Another 23 workers of the Social Security Institute had secondary effects, which were treated and are in stable. 23 cases presented side effects and one case was classified as serious after vaccination of health personnel.

Of the 7,728 Pfizer coronavirus vaccines that were administered to IMSS workers in Mexico City, 23 cases had side effects and one case was classified as serious.

The coordinator of Comprehensive Health Care at the First Level of the IMSS, Manuel Cervantes Ocampo, said that the person who was seriously ill required ambulatory surveillance and an intravenous injection of antihistamine to counteract symptoms such as severe headache, dizziness and difficulty in breath and pass food.

The case, Ocampo said, was dealt with promptly. He also explained that the symptoms that the person presented occurred four hours after being vaccinated.

He stressed that each IMSS has a waiting room where people who are given the vaccine are observed for 30 minutes before they return to their activities.

The other 22 workers, he said, presented mild symptoms such as dizziness and palpitations, which were controlled, and he ensures that they are in stable health.

The director of Medical Benefits, Víctor Hugo Borja, explained that “we must not forget that they are new vaccines, and we are doing active surveillance.

At a press conference, the authorities reported that the 7,728 Pfizer vaccines have been applied in Coahuila, Mexico City, Nuevo León, Querétaro and Toluca.

The general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, is confident that 1,400,000 doses will be available next January, which would mean that all health personnel are vaccinated.

“When the director of a hospital is asked to choose the personnel to be vaccinated, considering that he knows who has been at the forefront of the battle and who has not, he will choose from the list to prevent anyone else from writing his name, or from a staff who have not been, even worse from a family member or friend, “he said.

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