Dark Circles Remedy: Use these 5 things and get rid of dark circles forever

Dark Circles Remedy: Use these 5 things and get rid of dark circles forever

Dark Circles Remedy If you are also troubled by dark circles then you can take the help of some things present in the kitchen to eliminate them. For this, you will not have to spend even one rupee. You can also learn about these easy home methods.

Dark Circles Remedy: Dark circles i.e. dark circles under the eyes affect not only your beauty but also the entire personality. Whether women and men, all are struggling with dark circles nowadays. People also try many ways to get rid of them, but they benefit some days but not for long.  

There can be many reasons behind this such as lack of sleep, stress, iron deficiency in the body, pigmentation, and allergy. However, to get rid of them, there are many things in the kitchen. It will not cost you much money to try these tips. 

Come, know the home remedies to remove dark circles

Green tea

The tannin present in it is effective in eliminating these dark circles. Also, there is an agent in it, which helps to eliminate them. For this, you first take two tea bags and dip them in water or chamomile oil and keep it in the refrigerator for a while. When it cools down, take it out for 10 minutes on the eyes. Do this every other day of the week before bed. In no time, the trouble of the dark circle will disappear.


Cucumbers also have estrogen properties in addition to Vitexin and Orientine antioxidants, which are effective in eliminating dark circles. By using this, not only will your eyes be relaxed but dark circles will also be reduced. For this, cut the cucumber into two thin pieces and keep them in the refrigerator and cool them well. After this, apply it to the eyes for 10 minutes. 


The vitamins A, B6, and B12 present in milk help to create new cells in your skin. Along with this, the selenium present in it helps protect your skin from the bad effects of sun damage and free radicals. For this, dip two cotton pads in milk and keep them on the eyes for 10 minutes. Do this three times a week and get freedom from dark circles.


Tomato is a natural bleaching agent, which can eliminate your dark circles. Take a tomato first and tie it in a mixture or a clean cloth and extract its juice. Now apply it on the lower part of your eyes with the help of cotton. Wash after 5 minutes. 


Use ghee to end the dark circle. It is a natural moisturizer, which moisturizes the skin and gets rid of dark circles. For this, just massage the ghee under the eyes every day before going to bed every day for a few months. For this, first wash the face thoroughly and wipe it. Now apply ghee on this part and massage it gently with hands for 5 minutes and wash it in the morning.

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