Disadvantages of eating salt: Adding salt separately to cooked foods can cause bone and kidney problems, find out from experts how much salt should be eaten daily.

  Do you also eat salt separately from cooked foods? Do you also eat more packaged food? Too much salt can make you sick, as too much salt is bad for your health. Dietitian and nutritionist Shilpa Mittal explains how much salt should be eaten throughout the day and what can be done to the body by eating too much salt.

Explaining the disadvantages of eating too much salt, dietitian Shilpa Mittal says, “According to the WHO, everyone should consume only one teaspoon or five grams of salt throughout the day. More salt than that is harmful to health. One teaspoon of salt is not harmful to a healthy person, but people who already have heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney problems, etc. should not consume too much salt. ‘

Disadvantages of eating too much salt

Excessive salt intake can make you sick so limit your intake.

Eating too much salt increases water retention in the body. Just as salt absorbs moisture by keeping it open, so salt stores water in the body.

Eating too much salt increases the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and stroke.

People who eat too much salt tend to have weak bones and may develop osteoporosis.

Eating too much salt makes you feel thirsty. You may have also noticed that eating hotel food makes you feel more thirsty than eating at home, because of the high salt content in the food.

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Eating too much salt increases the pressure on the kidneys to excrete it, which can lead to kidney related diseases.

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