Do You Understand English but Can’t Speak it Fluenlty?

Do You Understand English but Can’t Speak it Fluenlty?

If this is often your issue, I even have something to inform you. The thing i’m close to share will cause you to a fluent English Communicator faster than ever!

Dear reader, 
I see repeatedly my students tell me that I’m good at reading and writing, but I struggle tons when speaking in English.

Are you facing an equivalent problem?

Before we start , let me tell you a couple of things.
When my students attempt to speak English, they face these problems: –
  • The words don’t flow in my mind. 
  • I get nervous while speaking in English.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • I cannot form sentences correctly.
  • Vocabulary issue.
  • Hesitation / Lack of confidence.
  • Grammatical mistakes.
  • Before taking the Genius Speakers Masterclass, these are the problems my students faced whenever they struggle to speak in English.
  • If you’re facing an equivalent problems which i discussed above, then concentrate to the present . 
  • Are you within the same situation as Ravi was? 
  • Yes, then it’s time to urge out of that situation. 
  • Are you able to be a far better English Speaker? 
  • Are you able to surprise your friends and colleagues together with your English speaking skills? 
  • Are you able to get an honest job because you’ll speak fluent English?
Your answer is YES, an enormous YES! 

Great, i do know you would like to enhance your English speaking skills. 

Before I proceed, here is how you’ll start the practice to enhance your English speaking skills. 

I call this 3-step formula to start out speaking in English. 

Note: It’s an easy but super powerful formula that I developed after training 15000 working professionals and students in my workshops.

Let me offer you a fast overview of how the L.P.P. formula can assist you to start out speaking in English from today itself. 

Step #1: You learn from our intensive video training, which is 100% practical training, no theories, which you’ll implement directly and begin speaking in English. 
Step #2: Then, you practice. In other words, you revise your learnings. 

Step #3: during this step, you perform in our Facebook community (4000+ members) by posting an easy speech a day for seven days. 


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4. Singular and Plural verbs
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6. Degrees of Comparison
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8. Active and Passive Voices
9. Articles
10. Prepositions
11. Sentence Pattern
12. Question Tags
13. Prefixes and Suffices
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24. Wh Question
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English Grammar – English Grammar
Download material that can be useful for the preparation of this topic.
English Grammar – English Grammar
Download this material in a material that can be useful for preparing this topic.

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