LIC Launched Whatsapp Service


 LIC  Launched Whatsapp Service

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has introduced its first-ever “WhatsApp Services.” Shri M.R. Kumar, the chair of LIC of India, introduced a few of the company’s interactive services to policyholders via WhatsApp. By texting “Hi” on the mobile number 8976862090, policyholders who have registered their policies on the LIC Portal will be able to access the listed services on WhatsApp from the comfort of their own homes. The following screen will also assist policyholders in doing so.

The country’s largest government insurance company Life Insurance Company LIC has launched a new facility for its customers i.e. policy holders. Let it be known that LIC has started the service of Whatsapp service and this new facility will benefit the customers of LIC a lot. Let it be known that now people will not need to visit LIC office for every small work or wait for LIC agent to come, their every small work will be done through WhatsApp.

આ નંબર પર મળશે ઘણી સુવિધાઓ 

જણાવી દઈએ કે LICના ચેરપર્સન એમ.આર કુમારે વોટ્સએપ પર પોલિસીધારકો સાથે પસંદગીની ઇન્ટરેક્ટિવ સેવાઓ શરૂ કરી છે. એટલે કે જે પોલિસીધારકોએ LIC પોર્ટલ પર તેમની પોલિસી રજીસ્ટર કરી છે તે પોલિસી ધારકોએ મોબાઈલ નંબર 8976862090 પર ‘Hi’ ટેક્સ્ટ કરીને WhatsApp પર આ સેવાઓને એક્સેસ કરી શકશે. આ વોટ્સએપ સેવામાં પોલિસીધારકોને અનેક પ્રકારની સેવાઓ મળવાની છે અને આ સેવાઓને કારણે ગ્રાહકોને પડતી મુશ્કેલી ઓછી થઈ જશે. 

You will get many features on this number

Let it be known that LIC Chairperson MR Kumar has started selected interactive services with policyholders on WhatsApp. That is, policyholders who have registered their policy on the LIC portal will be able to access these services on WhatsApp by texting ‘Hi’ to the mobile number 8976862090. In this WhatsApp service, the policyholders are going to get many types of services and due to these services, the hassles faced by the customers will be reduced.

WhatsApp Services પર મળશે આ સુવિધા

  • પ્રીમિયમ ડ્યુ 
  • બોનસ માહિતી
  • પોલિસી સ્થિતિ
  • લોન એલિજિબલિટી કોટશન
  • લોન રિપેમેન્ટ કોટશન
  • લોનઇન્ટરેસ્ટ ડ્યુ 
  • પ્રીમિયમ પેડ સર્ટિફિકેટ 
  • ULIP- સ્ટેટમેન્ટ ઓફ યુનિટ્સ
  • LIC સર્વિસ લિંક્સ
  • ઓપ્ટ ઇન/ઓપ્ટ આઉટ
  • End Conversation
Full list of LIC Services on WhatsApp

Following is the list of LIC services that will be available on WhatsApp.
Premium due
Bonus Information
Policy Status
Loan eligibility Quotation
Loan repayment quotation
Loan interest due
Premium paid certificate
ULIP – Statement of UNits
LIC Service Links
Opt In/Opt Out Services

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