The second batch of vaccines against Covid-19 arrives in Mexico

This is a shipment of 34,125 doses from the company Pfizer and BioNtech, which arrived at the AICM, and 8,775 more vaccines will arrive in Monterrey during the day.

The second batch of vaccines against the Covid-19 company Pfizer and BionTech arrived in Mexico this morning, from a plant of Pfizer in Puurs, Belgium.

It is a shipment of 34,125 doses that landed at the Mexico City International Airport, and later another 8,775 vaccines will arrive in Monterrey, to complete a total of 42,900 vaccines that were announced in recent days by Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

Like the first batch that arrived in Mexico on Wednesday, December 23, the courier company DHL was responsible for delivering the doses on a flight from Cincinnati.

These vaccines, like the 3,000 that arrived a day before Christmas Eve, will be used to attend the coronavirus pandemic in the country, and will be applied to medical health personnel , which is the priority group in the vaccination day, Since they are the first line of battle against Covid-19, this was announced by the Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell and the Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard.

Vaccination started

One day after the first arrival of the vaccines developed by Pfizer and BioNtec h, the vaccination day began, which began at the General Hospital of Mexico City, with the application of the first dose to a nurse, and later It was continued in two anti-covid military bases in the State of Mexico and Querétaro.

Now, with this batch, the vaccination plan will continue to expand in the country and during the day the missing ones will arrive in the city of Monterrey , where they will begin to be applied to medical personnel, as indicated in the plan presented by the Ministry of Health.

It is expected that with the arrival of the vaccine, the effects of the pandemic will begin to mitigate, which, until yesterday afternoon, had left one million 372 thousand 243 positive cases of coronavirus , according to data presented at the press conference that leads Undersecretary López-Gatell.

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