Four exercises that are useless, according to an expert

According to the Mexican Institute of Social Security, doing physical activity five days a week, in periods of 30 minutes, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The exercise is one of the most important factors for good health , lose weight and prevent diseases such as hypertension , obesity or diabetes.

However, it is not always done correctly, and when this happens it increases the risk of injury or simply not getting good results. In that sense, we present the four commonly performed exercises in the gym, but they are useless, according to fitness expert, Druny Williams.

Squats in the multipower

According to the expert, this type of apparatus does not activate the stabilizing muscles, and by not activating, what happens is that the potential for muscle mass is reduced, which means that there will be no muscle gain.

Instead, he recommends exercising your lower body with barbell squats, as this greatly reduces the risk of injury and helps strengthen and tone various areas, such as the abdomen, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

However, to perform them correctly, it is recommended to have a good body position, starting by separating the legs at shoulder height . It is also important to pull out the chest and tighten the abs and buttocks, as this will give greater stability to the spine and will concentrate the exercise in the correct areas.

Shadow boxing

This is the second exercise that Druny says is useless. It is a discipline in which boxing and karate blows are combined. Although it does not involve the use of a machine, the expert points out that it is an exercise that does not serve to exercise properly . In addition, he adds that when dumbbells are included to throw punches, the risk of visiting the physical therapist only increases, since there is no exercise directed towards certain muscles.

He also mentions that the fitness bench press is another performance that does not provide great benefits, and although it is widely used in gyms to work the chest, triceps and the anterior deltoid head, it will not obtain good results, since it is not possible to have a correct contraction of the chest.

Therefore, he recommends that this exercise be replaced by dumbbells, as it is a safer and more effective exercise. In addition, this allows the arms to have a greater travel.  

Glute bridge

According to the expert, the glute bridge is an exercise that focuses on working the butt, but it is useless. Generally, this performance seeks to increase the posterior muscles of the legs, the lumbar area and the erector muscles of the back. It also implies proper management of the abdomen, so that movement is indicated and injuries are prevented.

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Finally, the fourth useless exercise Williams points out is the dumbbell lateral raises. According to the expert, this execution is performed in order to strengthen the deltoid. However, this movement can be extremely dangerous when it is not done correctly, since injuries can occur, especially in the rotator cuff of the shoulder, as it is the most exposed with this execution.

In that sense, he explains that the best option to replace the lateral raises is to perform some sessions of squats with shoulder press , since this way it is possible that more muscle groups are exercised at the same time and, in addition, more calories can be burned , which means that more fat is lost and great results are obtained, such as toning and increasing muscle mass.

An extra recommendation that the expert gives is that you should warm up and stretch before doing any exercise, as this reduces the risk of injury and improves the performance of physical activity.

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