Profeco exhibits brands considered light with sugar and fat

The consumer magazine reviewed 47 products from different brands and exposed in this year’s edition which ones do not comply with the labeling, such as milk, juices, beans and soft drinks.

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) announced which are the brands and products that are considered light, but do not comply with what is established on the labels, such as the low-calorie Jumex brand, Alpura Light Milk, La Sierra beans without fat and others. That make up the most recent revision list.

In the 2021 edition, the consumer magazine revealed that after an evaluation of 47 products that have been labeled as light, light, sugar-free, reduced-sugar, calorie-free, reduced- fat, or low-fat, it was found that some of These tested products do not reduce the sugars and fats in the foods that are advertised on the labels by 100 percent, so he suggested to users that they should carefully review the labeling.


The brand Alpura Light low-fat skim milk, reduces its caloric intake by 42 percent in the presentation of one liter.

Borden light, which is sold as low-fat and part-skim, ultra-pasteurized and added with vitamins B and D, had a 34 percent caloric reduction.

For its part, the presentation of a liter of Lala Light milk showed that it is partially skimmed milk, ultrapasteurized, with contributions of vitamin B and D and that its caloric intake is reduced by 34 percent.

Likewise, the one-liter Santa Clara Light was presented as skim milk, ultra-pasteurized and added with vitamin A and D. However, it was found to have a 41 percent reduction in calories.


The Isadora brand, in a 430-gram presentation, indicates on the label that it is a product of bay beans, low in fat, however it reduces its caloric intake only by 13 percent.

The Fat Free La Sierra brand is featured as fat free bay beans in a 580 gram brand, and was found to have a 47 percent caloric reduction.

Light soft drinks

All brands reviewed showed a 100 percent reduction in caloric content, however, all sodas were found to have sweeteners, a substance used to give a sweet taste, but are considered non-nutritive, according to a Library report. National Medicine of the United States.

This feature was found in the following products:

Diet Coca Cola without calories

Peñafiel without calories

Light orangeade with mineral spring water


Red Cola without calories

Sidral Mundet

Nectar drinks and soy drinks

The following drinks showed a caloric reduction between 30 and 90 percent, however, sugar was found in all:

Jumex low in calories

Ocean Spry Cranberry Classic

Ades reduced in sugar

High fat content

As for high-fat products, such as dressings and mayonnaise, Profeco found that the amount of fat was reduced by lowering the energy content, however, it considered that they are still high-fat products, so it suggested to Consumers to be careful to consume these products, since despite being considered light they are still high in lipids.

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