The best home cuffs to measure blood pressure

The best home cuffs to measure blood pressure

Constant monitoring of blood pressure at home allows you to have a better reference of the exact levels of tension, so it is important to have one of these devices

Blood pressure is one of the main aspects that should take care of to enjoy good health because it depends decrease the risk of certain diseases cardiovascular such as hypertension and attacks heart.

The sphygmomanometer, or better known as a blood pressure monitor, is the quintessential device that doctors use to monitor pressure levels. However, medical consultations are not the only occasion or the only alternative to do so, since there are household devices with great effectiveness to monitor blood pressure from home.

Among the options that you can have on hand are the bracelets, which present some differences in how much the measurement method, price, and mode of use.

What are the best home cuffs for measuring blood pressure?

According to an article by Dr. Keith Roach, published in The Detroit News, home devices that measure blood pressure in the arm are the best option to have a guide to the real levels of pressure in anyone.

Specifically, the specialist explains that unlike devices that are placed on the wrist or fingersbiceps devices are the most effective, since they are closer to the heart. This means that the estimation of blood pressure is more accurate when the blood pressure monitor is located closer to said organ, it is not due to a manufacturing problem with the other devices.

However, he mentions that the machine must be accurate, and to make sure of this he recommends that some considerations be taken into account, such as the fact that the devices have an independent certification, as this guarantees the fact that it will work correctly. In addition, he mentions that online retail distributors take this aspect into account, which suggests that they should be purchased in these types of drafts.

In that sense, it mentions that there are various consumer associations of the best domestic bracelets to measure blood pressure, so it is a guarantee that these types of devices work correctly.

Another option offered by the specialist is to have them acquired directly from international organizations, such as the Hypértensión Canada association, as it is one of the options that are certified regarding the effectiveness of the bracelets.

What is the importance of measuring blood pressure at home?

One of the explanations that the specialist offers regarding the option of monitoring blood pressure from home, is because this practice allows many samples or readings to be taken in the same day and in consecutive periods, which tends to reflect more accurately the true pressure levels in a person, and therefore takes into account the real risk of hypertension, or hypotension (blood pressure levels below normal).

Likewise, it mentions that even when the best domestic bracelets are available to measure blood pressure, this can vary between 5 and 15 points when it comes to home devices since they tend to have higher readings than manual readings. This is not to say that they lack precision, but rather that some studies have found that automated blood pressures are more likely to pose a true risk.

What are normal blood pressure levels?

According to Medline Plus specialists, normal blood pressure values ​​are different between children and adults. In the latter case, normal pressure is considered when the systolic pressure (the highest value) is between 91 and 119, while the value of the diastolic pressure should range between 61 to 79.

When levels outside these ranges are present, it is necessary to see a doctor, as cases of hypotension or hypertension could occur, which should be treated by a specialist. Therefore, it is important that you monitor your blood pressure levels, either in a clinic or with one of the best home bracelets to measure blood pressure.

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